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All of our key covers are custom made of 1/4" "cell cast" optically clear, acrylic plastic.  We will use 1/8" acrylic only on custom orders. The covers are designed for each of the key models.  We do not sell a general size cover.

The sides and tops use a "dove-tail" type system to keep them together.  We use no glue which will cause the contacts to foul and will attack the finish.

We engrave the callsign on the inside of the top and a serial number also on the inside of the rear, if so desired.

We can make the covers in clear, translucent - gray, red or blue and an opaque black.  There is a small extra charge for the colored plastic covers.

Tom - AB6Z is the key cover designer. If you have questions or want a custom design, you are welcome to email/call

at or 601-966-1064.

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